Men's Ministry

Proverbs 27:17

As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.

The men’s ministry of CCF focuses on the relationship of men in small groups (max. 6P), we call ourselves “Friends in Jesus”. In these small groups, our goal is to encourage, challenge and live accountability to each other. All in the spirit of our guiding verse. Those who join a small group should therefore be prepared to be present at the meetings, to let themselves be spoken into life or to practise this with fellow men, to be a host, to take the initiative, to experience adventures and much more.

When, where, how?


Meetings are twice a month. Each small group sets the day/time individually.

Every three to four months there is a big meeting of all the small groups. This evening should have the character of an event and is meant to get to know the work, not only Christians but also non-Christians are welcome.


The small groups meet decentrally and on a rolling basis in the homes of the respective members of the group.


The host organises the evening in consultation with the group leader. There are no limits to the creativity of these evenings. Central elements that are always important to us:

  • Dinner together
  • Exchange and prayer
  • Bible study/input
  • Keep log (commitments, prayer requests/answers, gratitude, etc.)


At the beginning of our time together in the small group, we would like to light a candle or a fire as a sign of our connection in a protected setting. This should be the signal that what is discussed in the group is subject to confidentiality and get us in the mood for the evening.

Contact/registration for events/small groups

Daniel Mack: danielmack[at] Rimon Becker: rayondisplay[at]