Men's Ministry

As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend. (Proverbs 27:17)

God created us individually and consciously ad men – we are no byproduct. As part of His creation, He’s given us a particular job and purpose, which we want to explore and fulfill together. For that, there are three elements of men’s ministry:

  • Small groups with binding participation
  • Open men’s gathering
  • Unregular special events

In the small groups (max. 6 people), the central element of the men’s ministry, the focus is on the relationship between us men, we call ourselves “friends in Jesus”. In these small groups, our goal is to encourage, challenge, and be accountable to one another. In line with our motto. Anyone who joins a small group should be prepared to be present at the meetings, to be encouraged or to practice this with fellow men, to be the host, to take the initiative, to experience adventures, and much more.
The small groups are organized regionally.


Day and time individually – can be requested from the person responsible, usual rhythm: every two weeks


The small groups meet decentrally and on a rotating basis in the houses of the respective group members


The host organizes the evening in consultation with the group leader. There are no limits to the creativity of these evenings. Central elements that are always important to us:

  • Dinner together
  • Exchange and prayer
  • Bible study/input
  • Keep a log (commitments, prayer requests/answers, gratitude, etc.)
  • At the beginning of our time together, we want to light a candle or fire to symbolize our solidarity and protected environment. This should be a sign, that whatever is discussed is subject to confidentiality.


The monthly men’s gathering serves the casual coming together. It takes place on the first Friday of every month at Heimathafen starting at 8 PM. No registration is necessary. Everybody is welcome to join and bring guests. Cooled drinks and junk food are available.

We offer special events at irregular intervals. Usually happening outside like torch night hike or canoeing. Like the men’s gathering, they are open to all men. Information will be sent out via our email list.

General contact, request to be put on the email list, more information, and registration for a small group: Daniel Mack (maenner[at]