Introduction to membership

At CCF we live a formal, but spiritual membership. We are convinced, that membership is a biblical principle, that can be found in the new testament. Affiliation with a local church is the default for a healthy Christianity. The ‘introduction to membership’ says:

Membership gives the church and each Christian clarity. Membership says: you are a part, you are a disciple of Jesus, and you represent Jesus in front of the nations. Through your membership, you exclaim that your highest allegiance is to Jesus. He is your Lord and Master, and you are His disciple. Membership strengthens the church and each Christian: we live our identity as the family of Christ, through that connection and commitment. We know precisely for which brothers and sisters Jesus calls us so that we can help and serve them. We know who are our spiritual leaders, and they, for whom they have the responsibility before God. Membership strengthens responsibility: the church, the mission, to reach all nations with the gospel is for everyone. Everyone helps because everyone is a member.

In our so often non-committing time, real and lived membership is even more important. That’s why it’s our wish for you, to get to experience the blessing of a committed Christian membership at the Calvary Chapel Freiburg.


What are the requirements for a membership at CCF?
  1. You are a believing Christian
  2. You’ve been baptized

Along with a change in the form of membership, go the ‘Calvary Chapel Freiburg Guidelines which you can download below. And which reflect our basic theological understanding of God, Christians, and the church. You don’t have to agree on everything to become a member of our church. But It’d be great if you, in general, can identify yourself with the CCF guidelines, even if you don’t agree 100%. These guidelines are intended as an orientation aid, to state where we stand as a church.


When should I become a member of CCF?

Is CCF your church, your community, and your spiritual home? If so, then we’d be very happy, if you’d become a member of the CCF! And the commitment of membership is the right answer and next step for you.

Here it’s important to add that nobody ‘has to become’ a member of the CCF. Our worship services and other events are open to all. We don’t want a church of members and non-members. Instead, it is our wish that everyone who belongs to the CCF and everyone who’ll belong, will become a member of this fellowship.


How can I become a member of CCF?

Becoming a member of CCF involves three (or four!) easy steps:

  1. Application Form – fill out the membership form (available below, from the church office, or in hard copy from the connect point) and hand it in at the connect point, give it to one of our pastors or return it to the church office. We encourage you to read through our CCF Statement of Faith and our basic understanding of Christian and church life before you apply so that you can know what we believe and what’s important to us.
  2. Meet with a CCF Pastor – one of the purposes of church membership is that we know each other! One of our pastors will meet together with you to get to know you, as well as to talk about how you became a Christian and what it means to be a member of CCF. If you have any questions about the church or any ministry, you can ask them at this meeting.
  3. Baptism – if you haven’t already been baptized, we will arrange for you to be baptized at the next church baptism (usually at Easter, summer (July), or late November).
  4. Introduction to the church – at the next members’ meeting, we will welcome you to the church and our fellowship.


What is part of the ‘membership package’?
  • CCF Membership Introduction & FAQ
  • CCF Membership Application
  • CCF Membership Statement of Faith
  • CCF Membership Guidelines


More information and answers to your questions can be found in ‘CCF Membership Introduction & FAQ’; If there are any unanswered questions, we as pastors gladly take the time to discuss those things with you: write us a mail – pastoren(at)ccfreiburg(dot)de





Documents for membership in English:

CCF Membership Introduction & FAQ (EN)

CCF Membership Application (EN)

CCF Membership Statement of Faith (EN)

CCF Membership Guidelines (EN)

To the glory of God, we desire to see people in Freiburg and beyond reached with the gospel of Jesus to Christ, to see them become committed disciples of Jesus Christ who worship God, love their church, and serve their city.