To help people grow – that’s our goal. We desire a culture of mutual encouragement in our church and beyond. Everyone can give to others – in his relationships in his everyday life and everyone should also receive support. To help us to achieve this goal we have established a ministry with different offers “to help you grow”.

If you’d like support in prayer, seek advice and help in your personal growth or if you would like to get involved in helping others to grow, this is for you. The ministry “we want to help you grow” covers 3 different areas: (1) mentoring, (2) Christian counseling as well as (3) pastoral care.

Mentoring: We desire for people in our church to grow in their faith and flourish in their lives, their gifts and their relationship with Jesus through mentoring. Mentoring means to come alongside somebody and help that person grow. Christians that have followed Jesus for some time help younger Christians on their way. In this one-on-one relationship (or as a couple, or in small groups), the mentor supports the mentee through conversations, studying the bible or Christian literature together as well as other activities, and furthers the mentee’s spiritual and personal growth.

Christian counselling: Some crises or conflicts in our lives call for a safe space and somebody with psychological tools to look at the situation and find a new perspective. We want to offer this to you through Christian counselling by trained and experienced Christian counsellors. Since all our counsellors have a measure of qualifications and are professionally trained, the counselling requires a fee.

Pastoral care and counselling: As leaders of the CCF we want to take our role as pastors seriously. The word ‘pastor’ comes from Latin and means ‘shepherd’ and in this way we would like to be there for our church as a shepherd for his sheep. We are called to make disciples of Jesus. That also means that we support people in difficult situations. For that we trust the life-changing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Everybody that belongs to our church is welcome to address us when he/she feels burdened by something.

Go to our mentors and counselors – you need to contact us first to receive the password.