Small Groups

Everyone is welcome to come as they are, but no one has to leave the same – this is the basic principle of small groups at Calvary Chapel Freiburg.  First and foremost, small groups are where we can ask the big questions of life that concern us all, and where we can expect to find real answers from God Himself.  In each small group, we want deep relationships and trust to grow.  We want to leave behind any religious facades we have built up to impress others, so we can experience true spiritual growth.

Calvary small groups are where we can share our lives and our faith with each other through: rounds of personal updates, prayer for each other, encouraging words, reading through God’s Word together, listening to each other and the Holy Spirit, sharing meals together, helping each other move, going to the movies together… the list could go on!  There are endless means to reach the same goal: to grow in deep fellowship with Jesus and each other through committed small groups.

Our small groups typically meet once per week somewhere in the Freiburg area in a member’s home, support each other in everyday life, and occasionally plan outings with each other such as hiking or grilling.  (Due to the recent Corona laws, most meetings are taking place either online or in very small groups.)

It’s also important to read through our vision for small groups.

If you would like to carry this vision with us to God’s glory, visit our Connect Point (by the glowing pineapple in the back of the Cal sanctuary) and find out where your next closest small group meets!

Or if you would like to start and lead a new small group, contact Tony and Angie Grigg: