We are an international church with people from different countries and different backgrounds. Young and old, college students and working people, families and children, teenagers and seniors. Together we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, and together we want to encourage and help one another to grow in our relationship to God through Jesus Christ. We experience how knowing Jesus brings purpose, meaning, and fulfillment in our lives and our fellowship.

We take the Bible seriously – as God’s word for all people – also for us in Freiburg today. Church is very important to us – lived Christian fellowship in Freiburg.

Our worship services are characterized

  • by biblical teaching
  • by worship, which is contemporary
  • by prayer which brings us close to God
  • by fellowship, that welcomes people
  • through a welcome, which is real

We want to know Jesus and make Him known to others. To help people become disciples of Jesus Christ. We invite you to get to know Jesus Christ, become a disciple of Him, as well as a part of our church and community.

As Calvary Chapel church is the Calvary Chapel Freiburg an evangelical free church and part of the worldwide Calvary Chapel network. We are bound by the Christian Statements of Faith and work on the basis of the ‘Evangelischen Allianz‘ with other churches in Freiburg together.

The first Calvary Chapel was founded in California, which explains the English name. Calvary comes from the Latin word ‘calvarius’ and is the common English phrase for Golgatha – the place, where Jesus was crucified. There are already about 1700 Calvary Chapels worldwide. Calvary Chapel Freiburg (CCF) was founded in 1995.


To the glory of God, we desire to see people in Freiburg and beyond reached with the gospel of Jesus to Christ, to see them become committed disciples of Jesus Christ who worship God, love their church, and serve their city.