Special Events

Church Prayer - December 3rd

Invitation to all to come together to pray, for a prayerless church is a dead church. We’ll meet Saturday at 5:30 pm in Heimathafen.

JET - December 9th

We invite all Young Adults to the JET Gala Evening at 6:30pm at the Heimathafen.

(wear festive evening fashion; bring a dessert; other food and drinks will be provided)

You can find more information about JET here.

Classical Christmas Concert - Dezember 10th

A warm invitation to our classical Christmas concert in the main sanctuary of the CCFreiburg. A concert to listen, enjoy and sing along with Samuel & Sophia Martin. The concert starts at 5 pm.

Jesus Burgers - December 17th

At Jesus Burgers we share burgers, to spread love and talk with people about Jesus.

We’ll meet at 8 pm at Heimathafen where we start with some worship and then prepare the burgers, which we’ll start to share at around 11 pm.

Baptism - July 3rd

A warm invitation to our baptism at 1:30 pm at the Moosweiher next to the halfpipe. We would like to welcome the baptized, who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior, into our congregation, celebrate their decision, and promise them our support.

What you have to bring:

  • Your own cups, plates & cutlery
  • Seating (picnic blanket, camping chair)

What you can bring:

  • salad for sharing including salad servers

What we’ll bring:

  • Grilled food (donation box will be available)


Baptism - January 9th

A warm welcome to our baptism service at 10:00 am. We welcome those into the church, who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Celebrating their decision and pledging our support for them.

CrossCulture Evening - July 9th

Our former pastor, Falk Scissek, is our guest and will lead an evening on the topic: God’s work in the Muslim world and why people set out to serve Muslims in the love of Jesus.

With Q&A round, where your questions should find place!

Where? Calvary Chapel Freiburg – main sanctuary
When? At 6.30pm snack & fellowship, at 7pm the evening starts

Summer Party - July 24th

A warm invitation to our summer party in Emmendingen.

Meat and drinks will be provided.
Feel free to bring a dessert or salad and blankets or chairs.

Click here for the exact location.

Men's event - November 18th

Starting 18.11. there will be a regular men’s meeting at the Heimathafen. We will meet every third Friday at 8:00 pm. Different men will tell about their life with Jesus and we want to live fellowship with each other. No registration is necessary.

Starting 18.11., next date: 16.12.

To the glory of God, we desire to see people in Freiburg and beyond reached with the gospel of Jesus to Christ, to see them become committed disciples of Jesus Christ who worship God, love their church, and serve their city.